Coloring for all ages!

Get out your crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolor, even cray-pas!

If you click on the image it brings up a pdf file for you to freely print and enjoy! And what would tickle me even more than creating these pages of ageless coloring bliss, is seeing your bedazzled masterpieces….contact me and I will gladly post or feel free to share on your own media…but let me know so I can see! I had so much fun, maybe you will too?

Giraffe color page 1

giraffe color page 2

Giraffe color page 3

This was inspired while I was watching tv last night and “coloring” a postcard size piece of artwork from artist Johanna Basford and her book Secret Garden or from Sweden, translates Hemliga Trädgården.  Afterall, “coloring” was where it all started for me…big chunky coloring books, crayola, and summer road trips…..