The Last of May…..

Drum roll please….ready to welcome in June! I really enjoyed this personal journey of discipline…and if I had to grade myself…a solid B-….but at the end of day…I mean month…I did do almost 31 drawings….May 26, 27 and 28 rolled into 1. Now let’s see what June can bring. I forsee a bit of travel with urban observational sketching…..and a jaunt across the pond, New England awaits….

10 thoughts on “The Last of May…..

  1. You are too hard on yourself! Not only did you draw and paint everyday, you covered a wide range of subject matter, charmed us all and created beautiful art. I give you an A+++.

    Enjoy June! It sounds like it’s packed with adventures!

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  2. These are lovely drawings Rebecca, its such a great project – each year I mean to do it, and then May disappears! (I could always transpose it to another month I guess!) I especially like your faucet.


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