20 thoughts on “….wow, it has been another week…in May

  1. You have been so busy with all of this, it looks like. Glad you found time for your art, which is lovely. You take such good care with your lovely illustrations. Each is a colorful and enchanting glimpse into your world, even the basement!

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    1. I guess this challenge is proving to show little glimpses of my life. The vegetables were really fun….more times than I can count I have walked the grocery store looking for inspiration…how I came up with “The Painted Pear”….

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      1. Ok but they’re truuuuuuue. I don’t just say nice things. I mean them. Your stuff is gorgeous, and since I was raised to believe I can do anything I put my mind to, it makes me think I will eventually become so adept and creative with my work. (It may never happen, but the dream lives on lol!)

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  2. I love this post! So wonderful to take the ordinary and elevate it, the stuff we see everyday. I love your style! I went in and enlarged your images to see the details, they really make me smile. I know this all takes a lot of time but as a follower, I’m really enjoying it and finding great inspiration. Thank you so much Rebecca! Your are extremely talented with such a good eye for detail and color.

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    1. You made me blush! Thank you for all this!! I do so many giraffes and bicycles that this challenge is really good to get me to see the everyday! Thanks for taking the time!! 🙂 I appreciate it!


  3. It’s so nice to see a glimpse into peoples lives via sketching. Such simple things like money or a view of your living room speaks volumes. I too really like the vegetables because it reminds me that I need to do some sketching of a red cabbage. You create such beautiful work! Thank you for all you share!


      1. No problem…it is a Lamy, safari I think…but not positive. I use Noodlers ink, so I can use watercolor with it. Lamy ink is not waterproof.


      2. it has been a economical and reliable pen for me so far….and I did a lot of research! Get the converter and waterproof ink if you plan on using any watercolor washes. enjoy!

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