Running, no jogging.

Giraffe hates running. Once when sprinting to catch a train her son remarked, “is that the fastest you can run, that was like a jog?” Giraffe ran jogged recently, and because it started out seemingly easy, she ran jogged for too long, and is in so much pain that she can never run move again. Or at least needs to wait till later in the week. BTW, she is an advocate for bicycling, far better on the knees….having fun with watercolor, ink, marker, glue, exacto knife….and a few giggles….laughter is good for sore muscles, smile!!

10 thoughts on “Running, no jogging.

  1. How are your fingers doing after all your papercutting? I love this piece and can totally relate. Bicycles ARE much easier on the body!

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    1. I was totally thinking of you the whole morning while working on this!! Yes, it was a bit crunching on the hands….I was using a ceramic thing…not my exacto, (which may have been a better choice)….was very tough to get as precise as I would have liked, but this was just for fun…mocking my dramatic try on running this season…every season…same story…I go out hard and fizzle. Biking is the bomb!

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      1. I’ve not heard of a ceramic thing? Very interesting. I used to jog until a foot injury 2.5 years ago. I’ve had to give it up and settle for being able to walk.


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