My son had his first fotball (soccer) game of the season yesterday. Recently I have been getting more courageous, pulling out the sketchbook in public, standing unobtrusively in a corner, against a wall, drawing buildings and landscapes. Always nervous someone is going to come over and ask to see, and therefor drawing more attention to myself…..not a comfortable thing for me. But yesterday I did just that…..I sat and observed some of the spectators along the fence of the field. It was beautiful blue sky, very windy and chilly, hands suffered a bit from the cold. I need to do much, much more of this….practice, practice!

12 thoughts on “Observing

    1. It really is scary…..I feel so awkward! But I also hope that the better I get at drawing, with more confidence it can be rewarding to share, in person your sketch…..sharing over the internet is pretty brave too I suppose…..


      1. I think you will find that most people are amazed with your talent. They will think you are “one cool” lady. Seriously, being an artist gives you rock star status among the little people… (:

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  1. Good for you, being bold and sketching outdoors. I did that on Saturday and a passerby came along. He wasn’t as interested in my tree sketch as he was in telling me that he paints! I like the wind in the woman’s hair. Nice study of postures. Hope your son had a great game, too.


  2. Lynda and I think your work is great. We don’t know how you can improve, but if it is what you think you need we’re sure practice alone or with your friend would be great. Can’t even hardly wait to see more. Maybe a Giraffe soccer game with George as the coach and Greg as the ref. It might be sexist, but you and the girls could be the Cheerleaders. We had a very nice memorial get together for Dennis and Far-Far Bill carved an urn that resembled a fishing box. Love to all, L&L


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