The Penny Farthing

The term Penny Farthing comes from the size of the British coins, a Penny, and a smaller sized coin the Farthing. These bikes were also known as ordinary…..yeah, ordinary…haha, but since they came after the bicycle called the Boneshaker (sounds painful with it’s iron tires) and preluded the Safety Bicycle (thank you, thank you), ordinary doesn’t sound too outlandish. I think you will hear this mostly referred to as the hi-wheel….which sounds too ordinary for me. I will stick with the Penny Farthing!! Watercolor

20 thoughts on “The Penny Farthing

      1. Me too! I use Talens and Karmanski, for painting I have been using since now only Canson paper, Schut and Scalia, but for miniatures works only Schut (glad series of paper) and I do not erase in standard way only softly take off a part of graphite by slightly touching paper with my gray eraser (this clay consistence Faber Castel, you probably know what I’m talking about) and I usually leave all mistakes from sketch, because after erasing paper’s absorbency decreases, but I know some people do their work and if it’s necessary just erase the sketch and make new πŸ™‚
        Thank you for your answer! Can’t wait for your new painting! πŸ™‚

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      2. I never knew that about erasing…..interesting…will have to keep that in mind. I use Canson as well…mostly due to price, and my watercolors aren’t usually too much water…but I like Fabriano sometimes too if I am doing something special.

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  1. Fun! This is definitely the bicycle for a giraffe! Thanks for the process photos…. I really enjoy seeing how other people work. – Gale


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