London Called

So last week my middle daughter and I traveled to London, a spontaneous trip, that I  alluded to on April 1.  I am an American living temporarily in Stockholm, and though Swedish is abundant, English is as well so learning Swedish is harder than you think. (and yes I have tried to take language class, but it was miserable). But lately, I have really been missing home. I was really looking forward to being part of the language again. Sitting in a cafe or conversation that passes you on the street and not ease dropping but just knowing that it is English. I am in a rather quiet bubble, cause even though I hear the babble of talking here in Sweden, when I don’t understand what is being said, I tend to tune it out altogether. I loved London…loved the people, it felt like home. We exhausted ourselves everyday with touring and walking, but here is a peak at my messy sketchbook and a few highlights.

22 thoughts on “London Called

    1. Thanks Barry…..they are quicky illustrations for sure….and the pronunciation alone is hard to grasp. English is a very flat language in its tone….but I can roll my r’s, not everyone can do that easily! haha


  1. I love your beautiful work! Oh you’re so lucky to be in Europe; it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing. I understand your homesickness and issues with the language totally though. That must be difficult. But, oh the places you get to go! Really love all of your sketches, and glad you got the chance to escape to London.

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    1. Thanks so much for the compliment!! I do feel lucky and appreciative 99 percent of the time….Sweden is a breathtakingly beautiful and safe country…..but I have my lonely times too.

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  2. Rebecca your sketchbook is amazing. I know how difficult it is to quickly get something down when moving around. I love what you captured. I have heard Swedish is a really difficult language, the fact that you are grasping some of it is great. I can only imagine how isolating that must be.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your journal – I see Giraffe went along. Of course! A giraffe at a local zoo gave birth and my mom saw it and told me about it (it was on TV). I thought of you! I’ve been to London twice. Glad you enjoyed your getaway. Your journal is so lively. Love it all.

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  4. Your log art is wonderful – do you carry the materials including color with you? So glad you took the trip and also, sigh, glad you miss “us”. We miss you! And the kids!

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  5. I miss you, at least as much as you miss us! Your art is, of course, wonderful and if you didn’t take along the giraffe it wouldn’t be “your” art!
    Love you

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  6. I love your drawings/sketches and watercolors. Fun to look at, wonderful drawings. Yourscketch book will be looked at more when I have more time to peruse slowly. Thank you.

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