Not a good start to the weekend…..or is it….

sick giraffeIMG_3894

Woke this morning with a sore throat, rather because of the sore throat. One of those razor sharp, barely swallow kind. Not as motivated as I want to be today. So I go to giraffe. Giraffe is usually happy. And while mocking my ill feelings in silly sketches, giraffe managed to put a smile on my grumpy face and I am feeling a little better. (Happy) weekend xoxo!

14 thoughts on “Not a good start to the weekend…..or is it….

  1. Love these!!! So adorable and made me smilie too. If you gargle with v v warm (as warm as you can tolerate) salt water, it’s like a miracle for the throat. So soothing. And lemon tea w honey too. You probably know this, but I tried last year for the first time and couldn’t believe the results. I hope you’re better soon.

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      1. Sure! I boiled it and let it cool a bit then added the salt and dissolved. Sipped to make sure it wasn’t way too hot then gargled with it. One cup water to 1/2 to 3/4 tsp salt. Use bottled water if you can because apparently chlorine irritates the throat. We have a well, so we didn’t have that issue, but FYI.

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  2. Good morning. It is morning isn’t it? Faith and I love Giraffes, yours is great! If spirit can cure, you have the answer. Love. Bill  

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  3. Rebecca, Thank you so much for the painting of Carl Larsson’s house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will forever be in your debt !!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe you took the time and effort. It is so pleasing to me that you even remembered. i WILL LOVE IT FOR MANY MORE YEARS TO COME. XXXXXOOOOOOOO Lynda and Len

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