My oldest daughter asked for my pancake recipe recently and well, I just wing it every single time. I am sure I read a recipe at some point in my lifetime but for the most part, I could be bothered with measuring…..lazy I suppose.  I have it down to this….6 ingredients. 3 dry, whole wheat flour, a dash of salt, and sprinkle of sugar, whisk together, 3 wet, milk, oil, and eggs….generally two per person eating….and for the one child that likes a little thicker, I add a bit less milk….and for the oldest who loves crepes…add an extra egg and splash more milk. These aren’t the fluffy, Bisquick, IHOP variety but I can whip them up in 4 minutes and everyone is happy. Thinking of making a little poster for the kitchen so maybe all 3 kids could make me some pancakes.