Belated Merry Christmas


In a few hours we are heading to the airport, taking off for 9 days of skiing in the Italian Alps. It is raining here right now, and it has been unseasonably warm so far. We are heading to a snow covered part of Italy, but here are a few glimpses of the last few days around Christmas.

I snapped a few pics of some of the houses in the neighborhood. I am disappointed, the photos don’t truly express the beauty of the (simple) decorations and the warmth and coziness that the window lights create.

I bought this beer cause I liked the label, and it wasn’t bad.

christmas beer....tolerable.
christmas beer, jul öl

Sunday, December 22, 2013, Maddy and I headed to Vaxholm, to the town center to sell Julgrännar, Christmas Trees for the rowing club. The sun was bright, sky was blue, people were sailing(brrrrrr), so it was windy. We got very chilled but didn’t matter, the sun was BRIGHT!!! It is common for Swedes to purchase trees very late, but keep them up till January 13(and as the story goes, throw it out your window?)

Christmas Eve Day 2013

I prepared a Holiday Ham, in Swedish, Jul Skinka. I enjoyed a lovely conversation in the grocery store with a well spoken (in english) Swedish man, who told me how to perfectly prepare this traditional carnivores treat. I confirmed it on google as well. And it was really tasty(salty). The rest of our Christmas table was traditional Thanksgiving type sides and we had enough for 2 days.

Jul Skinka, Holiday Ham
Jul Skinka, Holiday Ham

We enjoyed a facetime chat with my brother and his family and my parents on Christmas night. We had a warm and heartfelt Christmas day, filled with love and closeness. We miss our families and friends immensely but we are also very grateful for this time to come together as the five of us. With love from all of us to all of you!

Lots of couch time together!!
Lots of couch time together!!
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Belated Merry Christmas

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