The Monthly Post…

….sadly, I started this journey as a daily poster, now it is hard to get in one a month. Maybe a New Year’s resolution….

On the last Saturday of November we were graciously invited to share Thanksgiving with the Linton Family and some of their friends. It was wonderful! Good food, conversation…..lots of grappo….lots! The gravy was gooooood! Lots of talk of cyclocross vs. mt. biking…..(after celebrating Thanksgiving twice this year, we need to just get on any bike and not stop!!)

George got to celebrate his birthday twice this year….we went to Texas Long Horn for dinner on his actual birth day…..then home for gifts and cake!

Then the super fun birthday with his Sweden friends!! We took them to Laserfortet, and they played a puzzle  adventure game, advancing to new rooms as they solve the problems. Then they enjoyed a lunch of pancakes, and George made sure we had maple syrup to share with his friends.

Gregs friend and colleague from USA came to Sweden and we enjoyed having him for dinner. Then we all went to the Christmas Markets in Gamla Stan together.

ISSR, George and Maddy’s school held a Winter Bizarre, and Concert. Maddy and George each had a solo performance singing.

Our holiday craftiness.

And in the spirit of giving, our daughter Maddy surprised us with breakfast in bed last Saturday (December 14, 2013.)

A touching gift from Maddy, breakfast in bed, candle, coffee, peeled our oranges! Sweet!
A touching gift from Maddy, breakfast in bed, candle, coffee, peeled oranges, cut up peppers! Sweet!
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The Monthly Post…

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