Careful what you wish for….

 (photo by Matt Haughey)
(photo by Matt Haughey)

A week ago today was my birthday. On Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised to be taken to lunch by my Swedish cycling friend….(and I can brag for her…Ironman!). Over a lovely crayfish salad in the prestigious Ostermalm Saluhall, I casually mention the idea of possibly, maybe, in the future, sort of trying cyclocross. Well. After a blur of a week, on Saturday I find myself at a cyclocross training race. With @15 very fit Swedish cyclocross-ers, one experienced Swedish woman and my friend and I. The course is set in honor of the Belgium Cyclo-Cross World Cup, being held that afternoon. Not knowing anything about cyclocross, let alone cyclocross in Belgium (just beer and chocolate), the course was 80% in sand. With many winding turns. The course creator must have had a good laugh at my performance…or lack there of….I didn’t last long! Not a good feeling for my first cyclocross…lap!

Part of the first section of sandy cyclocross race.
Part of the first section of sandy cyclocross race.
Here comes Cecilia going for another lap!
Here comes Cecilia going for another lap!

And so the story goes….cannot believe how long ago I posted….ooooops.

Swedish Birthday Party Celebration

On October 19th Greg and I were invited to share in the celebration of one of Greg’s colleagues (and her husband) 50th birthday party. I was quite touched to be included in something this special. We were the only non swedish speaking guests so she catered alot of english for us. There was games, like trying to figure out what a segment of a song was, or guessing different logos (special Walmart logo was there just for us and Greg and I failed to recognize….though not ashamed of that failure!) Overall a wonderful experience getting to know some wonderful people better!

Halloween 2013….Maddy went to a Halloween Dance at her old school.

After.....Halloween 2013  Maddy's costume for the Rodabergsskolan Halloween Dance
Halloween 2013
Maddy’s sweet innocent costume for the Rodabergsskolan Halloween dance!! 
November 5
Early bday present…Saw Imagine Dragons, with 3,000 sweaty 16 year olds. I was “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”. 
November 5th  Imagine Dragons Concert
November 5th
Imagine Dragons Concert

Hostlovet, aka, Fall Break was quiet this year. We hung around the city and fully relaxed. I spent quiet days with each child, Kaylee and I went shopping and had sushi, Maddy and I talked and walked Drottningatan and bought boots and clothes, George and I went to Webhallen for a new gaming mouse. George and Maddy and I saw Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters. Kaylee went to a few parties and sleepovers.

Season of Expos

….First the GAMING EXPO

Since George got sort of jipped of a special day with me, Greg took him to the Gaming Expo being held in Stockholm. This made George VERY happy! Giddy even.

Then the next weekend was the Health and Ski Expo

Then the next weekend was the Bike expo

November 18th – My birthday

November 23rd, the aforementioned cyclocross event (see the beginning of the post)

November 24th – Celebrating Thanksgiving with the Mattssons

I have been really looking forward to this….last years Swedish Thanksgiving was a last minute effort. I wanted to show our swedish friends some traditional foods and traditional traditions. I had a great time decorating the table and deciding the menu. We did get a whole fresh turkey, and I made homemade gravy! Was a warm and wonderful evening!!! Side note:  I dropped the pumpkin pie, “italian style”, in front of everybody. The tinfoil saved us. Greg renamed it the “upside down pie”. No harm done, laugh it off, and tasted fine!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Careful what you wish for….

2 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for….

  1. Elizabeth Ballou says:

    Dear Rebecca, Here it is December 1 and I’m finally sending you belated Birthday Greetings!  I bet that cake that Maddie made for you was delicious!  As I’ve said before, it’s wonderful to hear about you and your family while you are in Sweden.  What a fabulous education to live in another country, meet the people and learn about their culture.  You will be able to write a book when you return to the U.S. and illustrate your experiences! It is very quiet in Castine now, but we do have supper parties quite regularly and gatherings for a glass of wine.  I was with neighbors for Thanksgiving……..there were six of us around the table with great food and conversation.  We were 3 generations, the elder couple and Lois’ parents were very good friends of my parents…….nice to continue the friendship. I may be going to Brooklyn for the Christmas holiday.  Looking forward to being with family.  Please remember me to Greg, Kaylee, Maddie and George.  I send all good wishes to you all. love, Liz

    1. Liz, so, so wonderful to hear from you! Never worry, we think of you often and will never forget! Love hearing what you are up to, sounds like a nice Thanksgiving. We learned last year that it is very appreciated to have company during the holidays! Let us know where you will be for the holidays and you cannot keep in touch too much…wink smile wink! Love you, Rebecca

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